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I recently finished my BSN in December, got the RN license, currently working in a nursing home which I am loving so far. The thing is, I always knew that I wouldn't stop at RN. I really want to get my DNP in about a year or so so I can become an FNP. I don't want to wait too long because I don't want to put off going for my dream, but I also don't want to go into a DNP with zero RN clinical experience.

My big huge concern is cost, though. I have between $60-70k in undergrad loans and I really don't want to use loans to pay for an expensive graduate degree. I know that these days a lot of these programs are online, but there must be a way for a bright nursing grad student to get a gig at her school and be a TA/research assistant/fellow/etc. I know that these vary by school, but does anyone happen to know of any schools in particular that offer awesome financial aid opportunities for their grad students? Or how best to sell oneself in order to land an opportunity like that? Basic academic stats: Cum GPA: 3.4, Nursing GPA: 3.6, Sigma Theta Tau.