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Hi, I am transferring from my current college in order to come closer to home. I have been looking at some 4 year nursing programs compared to 2 year programs. My only question is whether or not I should go for a 2 year program because I have heard that you gain more clinical experience and thats what I really want. I already got accepted into the 4 year college I applied to and have yet to apply to their nursing program. I filled out the application for a 2 year hospital program, but I know that they already have 200 applications for 70 spots. Please help!!!

You should look at the MANY other posts on this question. As far as clinical time goes that depends on the college. Our RN program (your ADN) and BSN programs are the same until RNs bridge out and BSNs do more schooling.

I think you need to ask yourself what fits your lifestyle. An ADN will get you out working faster and you can always do your BSN while you're working. But the BSN does offer more opportunities in some areas and sometimes a little more pay. Find out what the hospitals are looking for in your area and if they offer tuition reimbursement (a lot of hospitals will pay for you tog et educated) and make a decision from there.

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