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BSc Nursing but no License

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Hello everybody,

I graduated from a BSc nursing program in 2013 and have been working at a private hospital for 14 months... The first 6 months was a probation period and i was promised a license to come with my next contract... I am 14 months in and on my second contract and i still havent received it. I was advised to visit the nursing council of the country i live in.. (Bahrain) Middle east and have done so but they just politely tell me to go away.. i filled in the forms and everything and it was all submitted 8 months ago... i really want to work in the UK.. i am from the philippines. Can anyone advise me on what to do? I have sent millions of emails out reaching for help but have always been told i need a license first... I want to register with the NMC (UK council) but i do not have a license... and by the look for things i will not get one! I am literally working like a slave... and i cant get out of it. I have spoken to my hospitals HR, Nursing Director and admin but they have no idea what the position is of my license..

Anything will help.

Thanks in advance

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Check the NMC website but I believe you need a license from the country you trained in and any countries you have worked in. Also a suggestion is talk to a supervisor who works for the NMC and discuss the situation and see if they can advise anything

Thank you for your post silver dragon. I will do that. Any information is very helpful right now I am at a all time low.

Hi. I want to ask. What happened to NHRA? Did they issue a certificate for you for the NMC Application? I am currently working in Bahrain right now and I am in the middle of processing my NMC Application. The thing is, I need to submit NHRA CERTIFICATE, which I don't know how to acquire. If only you can help. :) Thanks!