Bryant & stratton or ECPI / MCI For RN?

U.S.A. Virginia


Hello, i need help deciding which of these schools to go to. I am a new CMA(medical assistant) . I was wondering if anyone can tell me about their experiences with the Richmond campus and their schedules for night and day options.I called but only MCI would tell the class schedule m-f 8-4pm and m-th 6-10pm evening with saturday 8-4. Please correct me if i am wrong as i got this info last year. B&s college wanted me to come tour before i got definite details on schedule. I want to know their schedules because i plan to work part time in whichever program i choose. Also if you qualify for pell what was your loan total at the end of the program and did you have to make monthly payments as well? Also i know ECPI credits transfers to vcu for rn-bsn but does B&s college credits transfer as well? Thank you all ahead of time.

Which program did you decide to go to? I was also debating ECPI or B&S. I'm confused as to whether B&S credits will transfer to vcu for the RN-BSN. I know B&S is regionally accredited school, and their nursing program is state approved and acen/ccne approved! there shouldn't be a problem but I would also like to be 100% sure because I'm thinking about starting this year. I took a tour at B&S and they were so helpful throughout the entire meeting.

Hi guys! I am in the same boat as you are. So did you guys decide which school you are enrolling in? When do you plan to enroll? Thank you

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