Brutal Clinical Reimbursement Regionals


I have a Regional consultant that is absolutely brutal. Every time she comes to my building, she spends the entire time drilling me, insulting me and embarrassing me. She tries to get me to spar with her by insulting me first. She has a rebuttal for every possible answer I might respond with to any of her questions, or rather "Traps". The most recent visit, she spent 2 hours telling me I didn't know RUG categories, that I was dependent on my staff and rehab to achieve my case mix index, that she didn't know how I got the case mix I did, she called my staff in, asked them a few questions, and in front of them said, "She knows this better than you" "you are in serious trouble, I'll have to report this to the Administrator" And she did. I am an RN, I am RAC certified, I have been doing this since 1997. My resume is diverse, I'm an older girl and didn't get this far by being stupid. This broad is a better psychiatrist than the one that visits our building. I had to remind the admin, of my accomplishments in / for her building since I hired in and that I had maintained the current case mix above the budget. She had to stop and scratch her head, because she knew that was a fact, yet kept remembering the consultant's "warning". This consultant has done this same thing to me in the past. You can't argue or state your case, because you will be accused of being resistant-insubordinate-not in line with the plan...uggggh. Just Venting here. I know it's the same all over. Thanks for listening.


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No employee should ever be treated with disrespect from anyone, especially their mentor. The person who should be building your team sounds like they are tearing it down. I have been a regional for over 10 years and was lucky to have the right VP who embraced our facility teams, especially the core of the IDT, the MDSC. It's better to build up your team than to frustrate them. I've found the same scenario you've described at the facility level and the MDS Coordinator was so distracted by their supervisor, the first half of my visit would be to repair what had been damaged. Unfortunately, she left the facility, taking her expertise with her. Your regional should be your advocate, your teacher, and above all professional. This type of behavior is not "the same all over". Feeling your pain.

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VENTING ALONG WITH YOU. I am not permitted to create lists. I am very silent any time I can be sure the outcome of answering a question is detrimental. "I will research that and get back with you." " Utilizing the outline from your notes/training the answer is ----" if those are workable. I refer to policy and procedure manual for any available resource to provide an acceptable answer that keeps me employed. My fall back is always to ensure I was properly trained to complete the task. Ask your corporate liaison to provide you with the training to complete task as they would like it to be done, get policy in writing and then do it that way. If you request training or policy and procedures to complete your specified job duties your employer is required to ensure that you have them. GOOD LUCK.