does Brown Mackie include pharmacology in their LPN program?

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Hi all,

I have been looking at alot of different lpn's programs out their and i was wondering if anyone knew if Brown-Mackie North Canton, OH campus includes pharmacology in their lpn program? I also heard they have added IV therapy to the curriculum as well.... Please anyone shed some light on this !!!!

Thanks and God Bless!!!!


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Yes, they do, actually thats the school and campus I'm going to I have orientation on Wednesday the first and my first day of class on the 6th


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So how do you like Mackie so far? I start on Aug 3rd and was wondering how things were going for you.


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I love it. You'll probably have Mrs. Harbert for PN1000. She's wonderful, I'll see you around I'm sure I'll only be a month ahead of you. Psychology and Microcomputers for me next month. Theres a lot of studying, and you absorb a large amount of information in a small amount of time so you have to keep on top of it. I suggest a study group. Even if you feel you don't need it for PN1000 you'll be surprised how much they help.


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PLEASE be careful with BM-fitting intitials haha-they are under provisional approval by the BON. I went there for two months, it's way expensive and an animal house. 90% of my class was late for every class, the teachers had no control over the class and gave up on trying.


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So how did your first week of classes go? Do you like Mrs. Harbert?

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