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i am totally confused about the hcp course and the certificates that are needed. i was exempt from taking the hcp course and i do remember receiving certificates in this course. however, i am unsure if they are one in the same or two separate requirements. just for clarification i listed the information below. so my question; when i attend orientation do i have to take the few certificates that i held on to and get copies of the others later or i don't need them simply because i was exempt from the hcp course and the certificates are incorporated into that? thanks in advance to all!

bls-basic life support for health care providers (cae0299). the curriculum must be approved by the american heart association

certification required in the following:

  • cae0382 – hiv/aids :
  • cae0476 -tb/osha/hepatitis
  • cae0299 - cpr
  • cae0474 - domestic violence
  • cae0528 - prevention of medical errors (these courses are not calculated in the grade point average).


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The HCP is entirely different than the CAE courses. The CAE courses have to be renewed.....not sure if its yearly or every two years. So even as a nurse, they will need to be renewed. I took my HCP course at Sheridan Technical, and they incorporate the CAE's into the course, but I will get separate certificates for that. I'd bring whatever you have in case they ask, and you can also see what you need. You will need to have any of the CAE courses that have expired complete by the time the program starts (at least from what I understand).


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To add, the HCP is just a foundation course for those wanting to enter into a career in health. The CAE's are considered continuing ed courses.

I think you should take what ever you have with you to orientation and get clarification there. It really depends on where you did the course. My HCP course was included on a certificate with CEU course.

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