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Broward College North Campus Schedule 2010

Hello there,

Is there anyone getting ready to register at Broward College on Fri 11/6 at North campus? They told us at orientation that we would get an e-mail with North Campus schedule. I haven't gotten anything. When I called yesterday the person I spoke to said she didn't know what the hold-up was.

Not sure what to do. It doesn't seem like you get much help or good answers. I don't know what to do if I don't get the schedule by Friday. Has anyone gotten any news?


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My friend has not heard anything from them. Go to the florida discussion thread and you will learn more... a lot of information.


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By looking at the schedule online, this is what is there:

NUR1020: (Nursing Process 1)



NUR1020L: (Nursing Process 1 Clinical)











NUR1210: (Nursing Process 2)



NUR 1210L: (Nursing Process 2 Clinical)











HSC1149: (Pharmacology)


MTB1370: (Math)

384820 Thursday 8-1150

384821 Thursday 1-450

384823 Friday 1-450

You have to register for one class from each section, for a total of 6 classes. Pharm there are no other choices, Math you basically pick which day and time you want, but its the same instructor. The clinicals it doesn't matter which one you register for, you will be assigned a clinical instructor later on. As far as nursing process, I don't know why there are 2 classes, but one has 80 seats and the other only has one, so perhaps just register for the one that has more seats. This happened with our pharm class this semester for some reason, but there was only one pharm class.

Thanks for trying to help me. When we went to orientation, They gave us all the registration schedules for the campuses except for North. She said we would get an e-mail for north campus, which I haven't gotten yet. She also said we had to follow the schedule in order to register.

I also just did the search for the classes from the website. Only thing is I don't see clinicals for North. It doesn't show which one it is. I called the north campus nursing office yesterday and the person who answered the phone said we would get the e-mail yesterday. I didn't get it. :(

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Thats because you can only see it if you pick "any campus" under the campus section. I don't know why, but thats the way it was last semester and this semester as far as I know- not sure if its always been that way. Just put in NUR1020L any campus, and then you will first see a bunch of central campus clinicals (you see this because it says it on there in the notes that its a central campus clinical), then the next set is North. North clinicals are the ones that are T and W from 6:30-3....south will follow showing T OR W 7-7

I got the e-mail with the North Campus schedule. All set to register tomorrow. Do you think I should worry about not getting my classes at North? They said at orientation if it's full you will have to go to another campus. I definately don't want to have to do that.


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No I didn't have any problems registering for north. They say south and central fill up faster because there are less seats available at those campuses, but I don't know for sure. I would still try to register as soon as possible after 8am tomorrow.


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