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Broward College - Has Anyone Received Their Acceptance letter for Aug 09?

Alxpala04 Alxpala04 (New) New

Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has gotten their acceptance (or denial :( letters for BCC Aug 09 yet in their email because I havent and im freaking out a bit. Thanks..

hey alxpala04, we are both waiting. probably by june but i'm not sure though...

good luck to us :no:

I just called central campus and she told me its going to take 2 weeks more. :scrying: This is unbelievable!!!

Hey Kath,

Thanks for calling. I tried to call, however like everything else at bcc, I got routed to a stupid voicemail. Thanks anyways!


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Wow!! This was the Thread I was looking for. I am in the same boat as you guys as well. I applied to the BCC Generic Nursing Program for Fall 2009 and have yet to receive an acceptance letter. Has anyone received one yet??????? BCC is taking so lonnnnnngggg!!!!! This is torture!!!!! :angryfire

My application status says: Accepted... hope that means "in"...

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