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Brooklyn / Mid-Manhattan Adult Learning Center LPN Program 2014-2015


Hello all!

I wanted to create a thread for the students of the 2014-2015 LPN program of the Brooklyn and Mid-Manhattan Adult Learning Centers.

Less than two weeks to go. Have you guys bought all of your supplies yet? Are you ready?!!!!!

I will be attending the Brooklyn site and can't wait to get it crackin'. Lol

I am attending the manhattan location very excited it's been a long time coming... I have all my books all my supplies a rolling backpack to transport this load lol.... Anticipating this journey...

Thank you for responding! Congrats!

How big is your rolling bag? Is it big enough to carry ALL of your books? I have a rolling bag as well, but I have to carry another bag! It's crazy! I know someone who attended the program last year and said that they didn't even check the books!

Not big enough... haha they dont all fit, the only other alternative is a suitcase but i know at mid manhattan classes are on 3rd floor ....uggghhhh . I was thinking to just bring paper pen etc and bring packing slip receipts to show I have purchased and rcvd all books.

That's a good idea. I'm not sure what floor Brooklyn classes are on, but I don't wanna lug all of those books up one flight!

Will you be bringing your ATI books as well?

I definitely will bring receipt for those.. I will be taking public transportation its no way I can carry/push all those books. Have you begun to look thru books? I have been doing practice questions with math for nurses...

Oh ok. I've looked through the books, but haven't started reading yet. I need to get on it. I've been looking at the ATI tutorials though.

Hey do we have to bring something that say we purchased ATI package? And do we have to have all new books?

Hi! Yes, we need to bring the printed receipt. The books have to be new, but I had to buy one used one because the prices were ridiculous. By the way, which location are you at?

Brooklyn site....okay thanks

What u use to bring your books in?

Did you get an email today in regards to books.... we must bring all books in besides ATI books those we can just bring proof of purchase. Also wear scrubs... I guess I guess I will use rolling bookbag & extra book bag. Or small suitcase ....

Yep. Got it. I'll be doing the same thing. Too many books to carry

hi I was wondering if somebody could tell me how to sign up for the program ive been trying to call but nobody answers the phone was wondering would it be best to go down there im trying to start things up early I know the sign ups started on September 2


I am thinking about taking the c-net and hoping to get accepted into the program for 2015-2016. Can you tell me a litte bit about your experience? Do you like the school? Did you have to take an additional exam besides the c-net?