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Brookhaven Spring 2010 Students


Hey folks, just wanted to see who was accepted on here and where in the metroplex ya'll are. I am in Rockwall. Anyone hear anything else from the school about orientation or anything?

Hi there, I am from Carrollton and I will be going to Brookhaven also in the spring. I have not heard anything yet about orientation or anything yet. I would imagine we will hear something soon. I have heard on previous threads that success camp is the week or two before school starts.

I'm also from Carrollton. Ann said that once they recieve all the confirmation from everybody that got accepted, they will start emailing more informations about what to do next.

Does anyone know how many students does Brookhaven accept per semester?

In researching which programs to apply for, what made you choose Brookhaven?

What are your opinions of El Centro, TVCC, CCCC?


Hoping to wrap up prereqs and core classes by summer.


I chose Brookhaven because I had the prereq's done for the program before any of the others.

I have heard good things about the various programs, and Brookhaven's is do intensive as it is only 16 months.

ive heard that its very demanding...so would i have to stop working or has anyone managed to do both?

I work on the weekends and work about 14 hrs during the week.