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Hello all I'm soo frustrated!! I've been looking for online FNP programs but of course selfish New York State has blocked most if not all out of state programs from practicing in the state unless they have a instate campus. & I don't want a costly Nys school as I plan to pay for @ least 50%+ of my schooling.

So my issue now is where to attend? I've looked into Suny Brockport but I cant get much info on there scheduling as I plan on & hv to wrk full time (3 13hr shifts/wk no wkends but on call once a wk). I've looked @ Suny Stoneybrook & it seems as if they only have the Adult program online :(. Suny Buffalo has the DNP which is a whopping $90,000 for the entire program which I think is a bit much.

Anyone with any information on these schools or any other suggestions PLEASE HELP!!!! :) Thanks

Maybe youll get more hits if you post this in the U.S. new york tag??

Thanks I'll try

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