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British Nurse says hello! :-D

by Neil Neil (New) New

Hello everybody,

Just spotted your web site and thought it would be a golden opportunity to compare notes on how you guys look after people compared to the UK.

I have two years renal experience, including post kidney transplantation and CAPD. I am currently finishing a Post registration University Course specialising in Renal Nursing Care which has included Hdx, CAPD medical and surgical ward experience.

Anybody interested in comaring notes and discussing things like staff shortages, grunpy patients, material shortages and the other joys of nursing? Perhaps you would like to share a success story?

Look forward to your replies.


I am a Btit nurse, trained in Basingstoke, and I have just passed the NCLEX. I have a new job starting on a Telemetry unit in Sept. I will let you know if there are any differences. For one thing I know, nurse hear check heart and lung sounds, which is something I am not use to, at least in Bath and Basingstoke. There is a lot more paperwork and the pay is better, well it depends where you are. I will keep you informed, Emma

Hi there,

I trained in the UK and also did my renal in the UK and have worked overseas also in dialysis, in Asia and now in Australia. Its been a while since I have been back and it would be interesting to see what has changed in dialysis since I left 7 years ago...that is of anything has.

Hi Neil--I am a American trained nurse who has worked in the nephrology field since 1985. I have a hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis background. I am currently working for a major dialysis supply company in the US. My first job working as a corporate nurse. I do miss the patients but not the nursing issues that are ever present in the dialysis unit. I throughly enjoy the jobs that I have had in the field of nephrology nursing--especially peritoneal dialysis. I felt this job allowed me to use the brain and critical thinking skills that I have learned over the years.

Hi Neal, I am an Italian nurse working in renal for 3 years, I thought once to undertake the ENB 136 when in London,But I changed mind as soon as I saw that was entirely in English ... bizarr, isn't it ?!!

Anyway, I am working in Switzerland, lately,

more pay, less workload,... less rain...

But I' ll come back there, one day ...

Greetings from the Alps !



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