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Hi All,

I see there is some very informative information on british nurses working in states and the process of getting education assessed, etc, etc.

Can someone help with a couple of questions??

Firstly, I have secured a family based visa and will be moving to Florida, USA towards the end of the year (2010). Should I start the application process from England or will it be easier once I am in the USA to do it there???

If I need to make up hours (I qualified in 2006, Diploma in Adult Branch Nursing) will I be able to do that in the States or will it have to be done in England.

Hope someone can enlighten me!



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Hi and welcome to the site

A lot will depend on your transcripts and I would say start the process now because any issues in regards sending stuff would be easier to do whilst still in the UK. CES needs to be completed first before you send your application to Florida and looking at a rough processing time of 4-6 months before you will get eligibility to sit NCLEX although things may be quicker depending on how timely stuff is sent for your credential assessment. You do however not have to worry about a visa screen certificate if you are getting your immigration visa another route from employer.

In the UK there are next to none universities offering make up opportunities so you may have to wait until in the US and find a nursing school willing to accept you for the short duration required to make up any hours but wait and see what your assessment shows

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