Bringing the old unit to the new one

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  1. Do you appreciate new staff members bringing ideas/procedures from their old unit?

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      Yes, I think we all have things we can learn.
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      Yes, but only after they understand how the unit works.
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      No, they moved to this unit and should abide by our policies/procedures.
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      Depends on the extent of change.
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      Depends on how the change is presented to existing staff.

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Our very small unit has people who stay forever - which is why positions are rarely posted. We have a new staff member who joined us from a very large unit in the hospital about a year ago. She worked with us as resource helping out when we needed more staff, so was known to us. She jumped at the opportunity to move from her old unit of 20 years. I thought this move would be very hard for her, even if she was really looking forward to the move because of how ingrained her practice was on her old unit. We all look forward to the new challenges, knowledge, experiences a move can provide - but it seems we still want to bring our old unit behaviors/policies/standards to the new one. I have my own theories as to why we do this, but I would like to attempt to understand this from multiple viewpoints by a research project on the subject for my clinical ladder. If you have meaningful information to share, I appreciate your input. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS THREAD TO VENT. If you've been the new person on an established unit or if you've been the existing staff on a unit where a new person started, please share your thoughts on the following:

If you've moved to a new unit and wanted to bring policies/procedures from your old unit:

1. How did you attempt to make change? (went to manager, evidence-based, staff meetings)

2. How long did you work on the unit before you attempted the change?

3. How were your efforts met by existing staff?

4. Did you have an ally or did you champion the change on your own?

5. Was the change made?

6. If so, how did existing staff accept the change?

7. If not, how was the experience viewed by the entire unit?

If you are existing staff and a new person to your unit wanted to bring policies/procedures from their old unit:

1. How was the change attempted?

2. How long did the person work on the unit before attempting change?

3. How were efforts by the new staff member met?

4. Was there support on the unit or was this an individual effort by the new person?

5. Was the change made?

6. If so, how did staff accept the change?

7. If not, how was the experience viewed by the entire unit?

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With all due respect, it feels like your post has funnelled those of us who might respond, down very narrow chutes.

"If you have meaningful information to share" certainly limits a lot of lively debate.


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My point in saying that is I'm not interested in folks just venting. In order for me to gain insight into what I would like to document in a paper, debate isn't really what I need, either - that's why the structure of the questions are fairly specific - but within that structure, I am very interested in people's thoughts about these types of experiences. So, if you've experienced something like this, I would invite you to share that with me.

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