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I'm looking for information on online bridge programs in BS in Health Information Management (BSHIM). Any information would be helpful. I am just starting to look and haven't run across any yet. I am an RN with an associate degree and also have a BS in psychology.


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Well, bridge programs exist to move a student from one level to the next in the same discipline. You are wanting to move an 'apple' degree into an 'orange' degree - as the two disciplines are not the same.

Online University | Online Degree Programs | WGU has the baccalaureate degree in its IT college, and with a previous bachelor's, you would definitely have some prerequisite course work out of the way. Here's the link to the program >> Health Informatics Degree | Online Bachelor's in Health Information Technology | WGU College of Health Online

If you're counting on your nursing degree gaining you some type of advanced standing, well, not likely as this is an IT degree.