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Breast pumping in the car 😱

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Returning from maternity leave in 2.5 weeks

will be pumping in the car 3 x per day

for other moms that did this how did you ensure hygeine?

im thinking of buying a lab coat and wearing it in home so as not to contaminate clothinf. Or should i wear disposable gowns for wound care etc? 

i plan to wash hands with soap and water before leaving homes then hand santize once in car and before and after pumping


any other tips or considerations?


wish me luck!

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nurse.j. has 5 years experience as a ADN and specializes in Med-Tele, PCU, Home Health Case Manager.

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Hello! When I returned to work after having my second baby, I was doing HH CM & pumping in my car in between visits. I wore scrubs to see patients, but always wore a nursing tank top under my top or with a scrub jacket. I didn’t wear a lab coat, but I think that’s a great idea. I would bring antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer in my pump bag. But basically I just lifted my scrub top/unzip jacket, put a blanket over my lap, “washed” my hands and hooked up and pumped. You can use those Medela no water pump cleaning parts wipes in between if you want, but I always have just put all my parts in a ziplock or reuseable bag and in the fridge or cooler with ice packs while out in the field, and washed & sanitized everything at the end of the day. Never had any issues of contamination. Good luck! And congrats on your baby! 

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