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breaking a contract.

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I am considering leaving my current contract, in California, where I really do not have much to do as nobody is coming in to the ED 2nd to corona 19. I think I should go to New York as I am a board certified critical care RN with ED/Level one trauma and ICU experience. And I am a military veteran. I think they need guys like me there right now. Even though I signed a contract, it is still at will employment. My second reason is that I am here all alone and when/if I get sick I will have no one to depend on for help where as I have family in New York. My wife is sheltering with her family there and I think would rather have me closer right now. Any thoughts? I asked my manager if they would consider letting me go, he is checking for me, but am thinking I should go either way. What is the responsible play here? Thanks for your consideration and input...

What your manager thinks is irrelevant. So is "at will" language in your contract (which only protects the agency from termination consequences to them). What is important financially in your contract is penalty language for ending your contract. Read that carefully and discuss with your agency. Anything they say should be documented in an email, from you if necessary confirming your conversation if they don't send you an email.

Regardless, you of course are free to leave assuming you can get home. Just be aware of the financial costs. I'd also try to have a firm job offer before returning. You may also have options of switching to ICU at your current hospital or another California facility. It is also possible that if the pandemic curve doesn't flatten soon enough, that your ED will have to host ICU patients soon enough and your skills will be invaluable.

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