Breaking into Case Management ?


What would be a good way for a clinical nurse to break into case management? I have seen several courses online that range from college courses to certificate courses, to CEU courses.

Is the ANCC case management course something that would be suitable as a beginning? I like that because you can enroll at any time, rather than a course that has a specific start date.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,


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Completion of a course will not guarantee you a CM position. Most of the CMs I have worked with over the past ten years were hired for their clinical experience. Most nurses who have taken the CCM exam do so based on their experience in the field. If you have strong clinical skills and good people experience, just apply for the jobs. If you are in a hospital setting, look into Discharge Planning, that's a good entry-level CM job.


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Thank you for your response. I did not expect that a course would guarantee a CM position, just wondered if it would help....certainly not looking to take the CCM exam - just that that particular course looked to be informative and interesting..

I've been a nurse for 40 years and have clinical experience in many areas. Thanks for the tip regarding discharge planning - just as I thought.

I can see that there are other similar threads here, so I"ll be sure to check back often

Good luck to all!


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I have a history of Tele, Cardiac Stepdown, ER, and Travel.. I got tired of commuting to work at decent hospitals and took a position as a unit manager at a local Nursing home.. From there, I moved into an MDS position in the same building and am now the Case manager.. It's a lot of responsibility in the long term care setting and for someone who comes from an almost acute care history.. however it has been a wonderful learning experience and something I can see myself doing until I retire. Don't think I could have made it working with the high stress postions much longer.. This position was a God send for me.. I had 2 heart attacks and ended up having open heart to repair an aneurysm so I'm not as able when it comes to the high demands of hospital nursing. So for me.. it is perfect.. plus the benefits on M-F and holidays off..

GL in your search!