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Breach in contract with AVANT HEALTHCARE

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by emily89 emily89 (New) New Nurse

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Dear all, 

I was wondering if anyone has experience with breaching contract with an agency.

I have signed up with AVANT this May to hopefully move to USA next year to work as RN.

(FYI, I am currently an RN working in South Korea, specialty ICU, 8 years of experience)

I have received email from AVANT that USCIS has sent a RFE this August and has not returned with any replies since. 

Some personally issues came up and which holds me back from moving over.

The contract does not specify how much I would be paying as penalty and I was wondering if anyone could give me a ballpark on how much they would be expecting me to pay for the services they have provided.


Anything comment will be great help! Sincerely

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