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Brain Swap!


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Hi everyone!

I borrowed this topic from an old discussion in the cardiac nursing section. I'm starting a new position on an oncology floor, and I'm looking for tips on how other folks organize their "brain sheets" (borrowed this idea from the cardiac nursing section)! Currently mine just includes the basics like admitting dx, relevant history, code status, allergies, med times, etc. I'd like to re-vamp it so that it's more oncology-specific. If you're willing, please post your specialty and either describe or post your brain sheet document. Let's share our brains and get some good ideas from one another! Thanks to anyone who's willing to share!:specs:

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I'd be happy to share mine - Neuro ICU sheet - but I don't know how to attach either the Word document or the .pdf.

Just going to do a new one for me!!! Was going to incorporate a "flow sheet" on the backside of my brainsheet with 30 minute increment spaces to write what needs to happen globally in shorthand for each patient as has been suggested on previous threads. I'm gonna try to fill out quick to get a handle on my day at a glance crossing out as I go. I think this might reduce the rechecking waste of time (unless for new orders).

RL 2123 LS 2124 MT 2125 SS 2126 MJ 2127 SS 2128

0700 _____ 0700 ____ 0700 _____ 0700 ____ 0700 _____ 0700 ____

0730 _____ 0730 ____ 0730 _____ 0730 ____ 0730 _____ 0730 ____

0800 _____ 0800 ____ 0800 _____ 0800 ____ 0800 _____ 0800 ____

well, the pt/room number line won't hold spacing, but you get the gist.

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