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Seeking feedback from any current or former students enrolled in Bradley University's online BSN to DNP/FNP or MSN FNP track? I'm in my application process and I would like to gain real insight from actual students on their experience? How are assignments? Do you feel it is well organized and you are learning efficiently to prepare for the APRN role?

I am looking into applying to Bradley University’s FNP program fall 2019 and would love to hear from a current student or graduate! Anybody? How’s it going? Did you like Bradley? Do you feel competent?

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I've been accepted and will start in April for Bradley's DNP FNP program. Did you guys end up going to Bradley and if so what's your experience like?

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DO NOT go to Bradley's DNP program.  The saying, "nurses eat their young" is the real deal with the cat clawing instructors!  If doing the FNP program, it was good, but they trap you into their DNP with pre-clinical hours loaded on the FNP side that carry into the DNP as an enticement.  It is still not worth it!!   I just would not recommend the DNP at any level.  One student I know of they tried to put her up in front of the government entity in charge of HIPAA violations, which could have easily put her whole nursing license in jeopardy with what they were doing to her.  It wasn't even a legit concern to begin with.  Google lawsuits Bradley and you will see a mess of issues with their program.  

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