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Hi there!

I bought my books used from a friend who had taken the same program as I. Her Fundamentals book was the second edition, and our class is instructed to buy the third edition. Since I'm pretty broke, I opted to use my friend's text. I was told by various students that there is very little difference between the second and third editions, and now I discover that's not exactly true.

I read my first assigned chapters last night, paying close attention to the objectives in the syllabus that I am expected to learn. Problem is, one objective cannot be found in the book! Here's the objective: Explain concept of Wellness-Illness Continuum and and factors influencing individual's placement.

I looked through the chapter it should be in, and all chapters regarding concepts and framework, theories and process. I even looked in the book's index and it's just not there.

Can anyone explain this concept to me? Or point me in the right direction? It seems to be a scale of measurement, but I'm not sure. I looked it up on the internet and all I get are links to first year nursing programs' syllabi. :eek:

I suppose I need to try to find the third edition book this weekend, since I was told yeterday our bookstore is out.

Thanks to anyone who can help. And a word of caution to anyone considering buying a previous edition of a text. Check with your instructor's first!

Have you checked to see if there is a companion website? Sometimes they have chapter outlines that may answer your question.

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