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Hi everyone,

I am trying to find information about botox injections in Connecticut. I have been offered an opportunity I would like to pursue. However, I would like to know the legalities behind a RN performing cosmetic injections in CT before I pay out thousands of dollars for a course. I have spent hours searching the state of CT websites looking for legislation and regulations on this topic and have come up with zip. If anyone has any experience in this area I would love to speak with you!

Thank you!

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Check with the nursing board re your scope of practice as defined by the CT rules.


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I am not familiar with the specifics of CT as I work in Manhattan. However, I would NEVER pay thousands of dollars for ANY aesthetics course. There are many education opportunities available at reasonable prices.


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Hi mixy

I am currently in the position you were 2 years ago

I was wondering if you found any answers ?

Any help would be appreciated


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