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botched interview at major hospital =(


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Venting about screwing up my first interview...

Well, I had my first nursing job interview....and it was the phone for a major teaching hospital halfway across the country.

and i'm quite sure i botched it! =( Dangitall.

they barely asked me anything!! I was expecting questions... and they asked me like, 3 questions.. total. "What were your top 3 patient diagnoses in nursing school and why" "whats your 5 year plan?" and "tell me about yourself..." - based on that, and my crappy freakin answers..... damnitall.

When they told me to tell them about me... i SHOULD have focused or hit on all the key points I had thought out if they asked me why they should hire me.. i should have been thinking along those lines cuz THAT in hind site, is what they were asking. But i freaking suck at talking myself up.....to be honest, i have a lot of good things thatd make me stand out but i barely even touched on any of them!

I really really need to learn how to interview better... esp phone interviews. its harder than I thought not seeing their faces to see how they are responding..im not good in person but i think id do a bit better.

=( and because i think it went bad, i HIGHLY doubt that id be able to get another interview for a different position if one were open at that hospital.

And what sucks even more, is that from what they told me and what i researched, it would be such a great fit for me! But i'm an idiot and apparently couldn't tell them that =( Dangit.


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Sorry to hear about that but do not give up you just might land the job. Do not beat up yourself about it, this too will pass. Focus on the now and hope for the best. Good luck.

You may have done a better job than you think. Some advice given to me after I thought I screwed up my first interview was that there are all kinds of people applying to jobs, some of them don't use correct grammar when they speak. The fact that you can talk and make sense puts you above many people out there. I know how you feel, but try not to be too hard on yourself. Good luck, I hope it works out for you.

Sorry to hear that, but I hope it's not as bad as you think!