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Boston Area ABSN 2015


Well, hello folks!

I'm from Seattle, and I am applying to some ABSN programs in the Boston area for 2015. I wanted to know if there was anyone else here on the same journey. I'll be applying to MGHIP, MCPHS University and University of Massachusetts - Amherst. Are any of you folks looking at applying to these schools, too?

I'm applying to a few other ABSN programs around the country, too:

University of Washington

Duke University

Johns Hopkins University

Oregon Health and Science University

New York University

University of Rochester

Emory University

I know admission to the accelerated nursing programs are pretty competitive, and I hope to give myself a shot of getting in somewhere by increasing the places to which I apply. The schools I'd really love to attend most are OHSU, Johns Hopkins and MGH.

My undergraduate GPA is 3.91, and my nursing prerequisites GPA is 3.95. I only have A&P II and Microbiology remaining, which I'll do this fall semester, in three weeks. I'm volunteering at a Cancer Clinic, which I do one day a week, and I just started a full-time job at a level one trauma hospital a few weeks ago. I'm pretty nervous about embarking on a new chapter.

Any other folks out there? Where are you on your journey so far?

Let's hear from each other!


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Hi! I'm also applying to MGH's ABSN program! I'm not applying to others just yet but hope to start with them in May.

I'm currently a Health Educator with MGH and I'm finishing up a CNA program. I have a BS in Health Sciences and a M.Ed in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.

Undergrad- 3.5

Graduate - 3.8

Prereqs - 3.9 (still taking micro)

Good luck to everyone! :)

Hi! I'm from Seattle and applying to many of these programs as well, and also working at Harborview! I've been there for a little over a year now. I have already been accepted to MGH and University of New England in Portland, Maine for Spring 2015. I'm working on applications for UW, Johns Hopkins, NYU, and Rochester.

I did my undergrad at UW and have a 3.8 in prereqs (all completed).

Your grades are excellent and you're off to a great start with work and volunteer experience. I think that you'll be a very competitive applicant!

I can completely relate about feeling nervous to start this journey, but it's also such an exciting time! I have never lived outside of Seattle, so moving across the country is pretty intimidating!

Have you been able to find many reviews or information on the programs that we're both applying to? I haven't had much luck anywhere besides this website, but if I do find out more, I'll let you know.

Good luck!

Hey katie412,

Guess what? I'm also at Harborview! It's great to know that we're on a similar journey. I've been looking closely at the reviews for the programs that I'm applying to because I want to make sure that I am attending a program that is going to sufficiently prepare me to become a competent nurse, especially given all the money that I'm going to have to borrow to pay for this.

I have started having reservations about MCPHS University, because all of the experiences that I've read about my past students on this forum and elsewhere were negative. But I heard only positive things about Duke, Johns Hopkins, MGH, and the others. My personal first choice preference is Johns Hopkins University, and I would gladly go if they accepted me. Perhaps also to Rochester.

I just completed my UW application and I am going to submit it in a few days, but I'm not feeling a deep thrill about staying in Seattle. I feel part of what's urging me to go to schools that are located elsewhere would be the challenge of living in a different city while pursuing studies.

I wish you good luck in your applications!

As much as I love UW and Seattle, I'm not too excited about the idea of staying here for school either. Best of luck with everything! Maybe we'll end up in the same place!

I remember myself perusing these message boards around this time last year...now I am in Hopkins accelerated program and LOVING it. I had applied to MGH, Hopkins, Northeastern and Columbia. I got into all of them besides MGH (waitlisted). I am glad it worked out that way, because MGH is kind of a hot mess. The same goes for Northeastern- they lost my transcript even after I hand delivered it. Hopkins really puts in the time for its students, and everything runs relatively smoothly.

Coming out of a difficult undergraduate education I had a 3.36 (I graduated cum laude), and all B+'s and A's for pre-reqs. I also had a decent amount of research experience! Hopkins also gave me a great financial aid package. You never know what you will get until you apply!

Just a word of caution however- Hopkins no longer has the 17 month ABSN program, and there is talk that this is the last application cycle for the 13-month ABSN program. So, there is really no room to defer!