Boston ABSN programs?


Hey all!!

I recently graduated from UVM with a B.S. in Psychology. Long story short, a few incidents happened both recently and in the past few years that have inspired me to pursue nursing. I am currently exploring different ABSN programs in the Boston area. I need to finish up my prerequisites, which I'm doing on the Portage website through Geneva College. I graduated with a 3.14 GPA, no clinical/hospital experience, with a work background in mainly human disability services and special education.

Wondering if anyone has any recommendations as to what to do next. I am worried I will come across as unqualified on my applications because I have no clinical experience. My goal would be to begin an ABSN program either next summer or in the fall 2019.

Would appreciate any insight or recommendations! I am very excited to start this new chapter in my life, and want to make sure I start off on the right foot.