Boss monitoring all activity! Thinking of leaving job


  1. Should I leave my current position

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      take time to think about it
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I have many years of experience as a nurse and have been working as a Documentation Specialist for the past year. I thought I would enjoy a non-clinical job but have found the work tedious and boring most of the time. I mostly code and do audits and in the process find mistakes staff has made and bring attention for correction to the nurse and managers.

My manager has recently been observing me like a hawk. Today she was behind me reading an e-mail and then startled me by requesting that I correct the wording.

I felt somewhat threatened by this. I don't feel very confident or secure in this position and have applied for a clinical job.

I feel bad that I might be letting my fellow co-workers down by potentially leaving, but I just don't feel secure in this position and don't feel valued or respected by clinical staff.

I also feel that my boss does not like my quality of work and is thinking of letting me go any way. Our organization now has consultants and encourage managers to rank employees against one another. As a clinical nurse I always had excellent evaluations and raises. I don't want to risk my career or reputation. Am I being reasonable or over-reacting. Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!


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IF you feel that you are being micromanaged for an unjustifiable reason, I would definitely consider leaving, especially if it may hurt your career. Even if you are over analyzing the situation, the part that stood out to me if that you find your job to be tedious and boring. There are other ways to be away from the bedside that you may enjoy more. Good luck!