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Hi all

I just wanted to know has anyone taken Microbio or chemistry at this school as a non matriculated student?

I hear that some of the nyc cuny school wont allow non matriculated students to take certain science courses such as microbio, not so much chemistry, unless you get departmental approval.

I just wanted to know how were these classes if anyone has taken them , which are intro to statistics, quantitative reasoning, microbio, fundamental of chemistry. These are classes that I need to finish up my prequisite to apply to the college of new rochelle nursing program

Thanks for all replies



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I took A&P I and II and Microbiology. I was non-matriculated as well. PM me and I will let you know what teachers I took the class with.




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I took Stats and Chemistry as a non-matriculated student at Hunter. It wasn't hard to get into the lectures but the labs were often filled up before I was able to register for them. The downside of being non-matric is that you get a late registration date.

I matriculated - and b/c I already had a degree from somewhere else and so many credits, I was considered a senior and got a really early registration date.

Good luck!

Ps. I took Micro at BMCC - PM me and I'll tell you more about my prof.

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