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Books about nicu nurses?


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Hello I'm a nursing student who is very interested in the Nicu, I was wandering if anyone know of a good book to read about Nurses in the NICU? I am reading almost home, but it is from a doctors point of view.

Biographies or non fiction.

Thank you so much and I love reading all the post that all of you wonderful people have posted to share you experiences.:)

Baby ER by Edward Humas is very good though a little outdated since neonatal nursing is evolving so quickly. The stories are very good.

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"i will carry you" by angie smith is a book from the parent side of things, but it is about a families decision to continue a pregnancy for a baby they know will not live long.

"little man" is a documentary that gives a realistic look at we do in the nicu and the consequences the parents live with when they leave the nicu. the director is his mother nicole conn. there is also a website where you can get updates about him www.littlemanthemovie.com i have found it is quickly available from netflix, but blockbuster.com has a long wait for it.

mind you, not every baby we see in the nicu is as extreme of a case as the two above, but i think looking at things from the parents side of view is a good reminder to us as healthcare professionals that what we do everyday is new and confusing to families. i think it also helps us to have empathy for what families are going through.


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I agree with Baby ER. It is written by a man who had his baby in the NICU I work at. His baby was pretty healthy, there for a short period of time. But he went back later and observed doctors, nurses, infants, deliveries, families, etc... All to get the different perspectives from the various people involved with the NICU. It is interesting how dated it is, like Darynash said. But for me it is interesting since I work at the NICU it is written about, and boy does Edward Humes nail the personalities of our doctors and nurses that are still here.


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The book titled Saul by Rosemary Kay is a GREAT read! It is a book written by an NICU parent, but written from the perspective of the baby. It talks a lot about the different nurses. It is really cute and makes you really think about what you are doing! :)


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I finished baby er, it was great. Now I am reading " A final arch in the sky".

I read a book called "baby lost; diary of a neonatal nurse" that was fun but not a true story.

That's for the reading suggestions!!!!

I just found one called : "New Lives: Nurses' Stories about Caring for Babies" by Kathleen Huggins