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by Apollonia Apollonia (Member)

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I'll be studying or nursing in a year. I want to get a jump start on the studying. I bought Alexander's care of patient in surgery, 13 ed. Is that good? I thought I'd just start reading it.

I also want to buy a surgical tool book such as differentiating surgical instruments.


Is that a good idea? to just start memorizing the tools? Anything else I could be doing now. Knowing the human anatomy like the back of my hand? Any tips would be great. thanks!!!!!

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I wouldn't bother studying all the different instruments while in nursing school. Talk about sensory overload!!

If you choose to enter perioperative nursing after graduation, you'll be able to learn the instruments and their uses during orientation (usually at least 6 months to orient to O.R.)

But Alexander's will be a GREAT resource while you are in your surgical rotation, or if you are caring for a pre- or post- operative patient. It's good to know what your patient will be going (or has gone) through.

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Exactly -- I agree that is is probably best not to worry about learning instruments right now. Honestly, the best way to learn instruments is to see how they are actually used. Alexanders is a great text, and it does have some info on instrumentation-care & handling, and the main categories (grasping, cutting, etc). That will give you plenty of information for right now.

Good luck in school!

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