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Bones, Bones, Bones

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So we are learning the bones right now....ugh! I dont know how anyone keeps them all straight. :eek: But thankfully our teacher gave us a study guide of what bones could possible be on our test. There are 100 something on the guide, but only 35 on the test. So I was wondering, is there any websites where you can pick which bones for matching or indentification? I hope that makes sense. Like if I need ethmoid, mastoid process, and sphenoid...but dont know x,y, and z is there a website where I can pick which ones to study that show pictures? Thanks for your help!

I thought bones was bad too.. until I got to muscles!! OMG! LOL ( I did well on the bones though :D)!!!! these are helpful:




IDK.. just google stuff use all resources available with your book (my marieb text came with a manual with bones that is a life saver!! and cd rom's and things like course compass!! There's tons of stuff out there.. and even research stuff on this site.. it truly helps and you can search through old posts for help and advice on topics!! *the google custom search -top right corner of this site...for allnurses!! GOOD LUCK :)

consider yourself lucky we walk into a room with bones lying all over the tables with numbers on them and a sheet of paper with 100 blanks on it. so far i got 202 points out of 200 in lab (yay bonus points) but this test sucks! i got 2 weeks to study for it. our lab is worth 340 points out of 1000 for A&P 1.


Specializes in Clinical Partner and CNA.

Thanks for the help! lele2be...Good Luck keithjones!


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