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I'm applying to BON Secours for Spring 2017. I didn't do very well at the university I attended my freshman year & had a cumulative GPA of a 2.835. I've been at Reynolds Cc for a year & have a 3.8 cumulative GPA. My university GPA and Reynolds GPA cumulative is only a 3.3. I took the TEAS V test and failed it the 1st time. I took the ACT & only got a 21. I'm re-taking the TEAS though. I've got ADHD so I do not test well. When I was at the university I was a tour guide, worked in the office of admissions as well as being the VP of my residence hall helping out the RA's with programs. At reynolds, I joined the honor society, currently work a part time job at a hair salon & volunteer at Memorial Regional Hospital. I might be getting an internship in the HR department at my mom's work this Summer as well. Are my chances getting into the program really low? I feel like I don't have enough & I'm terrified :cry:

Can you update on your situation? Did you get in?? I am applying for the fall and have a low GPA as well.

No I didn't get in, not even on the wait list. I re-applied for Fall 2017. I just became a CNA (not that that's going to help though) I don't know what they're looking for so I feel lost. Sounds like they have so many qualified applicants, they can't tell you what you need to improve. I knew a couple girls that have gotten rejected twice & one of them has been a PCT at MCV for years, knows how to do phlebotomy & everything & she still didn't get in. I asked Bon Secours what I could improve and they said to make sure that I clarified the essay topics I chose (which I did) & my friend who also got rejected received the same email from them & she too made it clear what topics she was writing about. So I have no idea what they're looking for.

After listening to the girls who got rejected, even ones that have actual healthcare experience, it makes me think that the essay alone is what makes you or breaks you. It sounds like the essay has to be so incredible it blow the minds of the admissions committee or something.

The only difference in my application this time around was that I became a CNA, improved/updated essay & got my associates degree. So I'm not holding my breath on getting in this time around either. :(

I'm really sorry I couldn't provide anything helpful.

Good luck to you though! Fingers crossed for you! :)

Oh I'm sorry to hear that! I hope this year it changes! Yes, I am a bit worried too and I emailed the director of admission (I think?), Maria Vasquez and she said they will be meeting to make decisions in the first week of May. The comment they made about your essay is not helpful at all. They should have been more specific. Now I am worried I was not clear enough on my essays. Maybe we could keep each other updated! I would love to read your essay and have you read mine so we can compare notes. I'm so uneasy now and May is so far away!!

Hey guys! I am currently a student at Bon Secours (will be graduating in 52 days, yay!) and figured I would try to offer some advise!

Since I applied to Bon Secours over 3 years ago, the program has become much more competitive due to the increased number of applicants they get each semester. Because of this, I'm sure the application process/requirements have changed significantly from when I applied. However, my grades/GPA were very similar to yours when I got accepted, so don't give up hope! The first thing you should know about nursing school is that it is not easy. In fact, it will probably be the hardest thing you have ever done. It will exhaust you, it will push you to your limits (physically, mentally, and emotionally), and you will constantly question whether it's really worth it. But DO NOT give up! In the end, it is absolutely worth it!

As for specific advise on how to improve your chances of being accepted, there are a few things you should do. First, you should retake the TEAS exam to get a passing score. If you already retook it and passed, then take it again whenever you can, and try to improve your score even more. You can't change your previous college grades/GPA, but you CAN improve your TEAS score.

The other piece of advise I have (and probably the most important part) is to go online and look up anything and everything you can about Bon Secours - more specifically the values, beliefs, mission statements, ect. Bon Secours is a Bachelor degree program, which means they want their students to understand and embrace more than just the required nursing skills or basic physiological knowledge. The mission and values are something that Bon Secours takes VERY seriously, and its a big part of their philosophy of nursing. Almost every assignment I did throughout nursing school somehow related to our mission/values. They even advised us to look over these things before going into a job interview with Bon Secours, because it would likely be brought up at some point.

A lot of the students applying to the program will have things like decent grades, past healthcare experience as an aid, volunteer experience, etc. But those things may not really help them stand out in a competitive BSN program. In my opinion, a student that took the time to familiarize themselves with the values of Bon Secours and somehow incorporates them in their admissions essay will stand out a lot more.

I know that isn't a ton of helpful info, but I hope it will at least help you with writing your next admission essay and ultimately get you into the program! Good luck with everything, and if you have any questions feel free to PM me on here!


I don't think I can private message you on here yet because I do not have 15 topics posted but I would love to know what your STATs were, how you like the program, did you have a separate degree in something else, did you have health care experience? What did you write about in your essays? I wish you had messaged sooner because we have all submitted our apps as they were due the 1st of March. Darn! haha! But thank you so much for responding and giving us your advice!! It is much appreciated. I know I went to the info session and they said the avg. GPA last year was a 3.3 but I feel like that's a bit low? I don't know. So sorry for all the questions!


I also applied for the Fall 2017 cohort and am anxiously awaiting the decision...

OMGGGGGG! We have like 3 or so more weeks. How are you feeling at this point?

Sorry yall, I just now saw your comments back to me! Feel free to email me and I will try to help as much as I can! I'll post my email in a separate comment below so I can delete it later once you guys see it.

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Hey there! I am trying to prepare to apply to the program, does anyone know what you have to get on the TEAS exam and if its a minimum percentage per section or overall grade? As well as what you are tested on? Anything helps! thanks!!!

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