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Bon secours memorial college of nursing fall 2020

by Kaylaa_jade Kaylaa_jade (New) New Pre-Student

Hey everyone! Has anyone else applied for the fall 2020 term? I am anxiously awaiting a decision email and getting super nervous this last week leading up to decisions.


I also applied for the Fall 2020 cohort and am anxiously awaiting the decision...

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Have you not heard anything, or were you waitlisted?

Neither... I think we have like 1 or so more weeks. Heard anything?

Yea, Let me know when you hear something.

Hi guys, I am applying for the Spring term- do you guys have any advice? I'm trying to get an idea of my chances. The standardized testing requirement was waived for this cohort. I have a 3.95 GPA at the moment, and I am finishing up some last prerequisites.

Hi Livie, I has just finished up pre Recs right before I applied too. I already had a bachelors degree so I only needed 3 though. My advice would be to really focus on your essay! Since there’s no interviews it seems they really look at that, and make sure to go to a info session cause they talk about the application process there. I’m happy to answer questions you have about the app process too, just let me know! Good luck!

Just as a little update, I got in!