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The BON is very behind and I need my ATT

ALERT: Examination and Endorsement Applicants

Due to an extremely high volume of licensure applications, the average processing time is 45 business days, from the date your application is received by the Board. This involves an initial review of the application, data entry into the Board's database, and processing of your application fee. Once the initial review and processing of your application is complete, Board staff determine whether other application documents have been received (i.e. program completion letters, transcripts, license verifications, background check reports).

If my application is already listed as pending doI still have to wait another 45 days?


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I was only waiting for my completion letter to be entered. :(

I really need to take it so I can start my job


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Hello. I'm a new LPN in OH. My last day of school was March 27th and my application was mailed in by my school April 20th. I started showing "pending" on the OBN website on June 4. I got my ATT on June 25th.


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I had to call the BON several times because the timeline that was given to me originally by the BON proved to be incorrect. After three separate calls I spoke to a super nice woman named Leslie, who, after checking my file and finding all of the required components went ahead and made me eligible in their computer and within 2 hours I received my ATT via email.

You might try calling just to see whereabout in the process your file is. You might get lucky with an employee who will go ahead and push it through for you.


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Thank you, I may try to call this afternoon.

I really need to start my job as my husband was just just laid off unexpectedly

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