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Hi, All...:redbeathe

I'm new international nurse (permanant resident in NY) in this side..I saw everybody help to another. I was realy like it. I have a question:

I applied CVS New York state ten months ago, they are waiting transcript from my nursing graduate school. Also I applied CP last June too. Today I received a note from CP that was wrote me

" cancel CP application order no ......... or pick another state " I'm sorry, I didn't understand clearly. If I write different state for CP, can I take cgfns exam? Because my husband wants to move NJ after two years. Can I have two states Licensa at the same time?

What will I do? I confused!!!!!!!!Can you help me?????? I spent more money..:mad:

Thanks Everybody..


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:grpwlcm: You might want to post your question and do some reading in the international forum.


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Thank you Caliotter3...I will do that..

Best Regards :redpinkhe


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I am not closely comprehending most of what is going on, but I will say that yes you *can* have a license in more than one state. Also some states have reciprocities with others so you can have a license in one and not have to worry about it after that!