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Heard this one a few years ago and I still find it oh so true today...

Police were called to the city park this morning to investigate the body of a woman found dead in the park, nude and wearing a pair of shoes. After much thought the officer called the detective squad who sent one of their finest detectives.

:smokin:The detective walked a circle around the body and looked at the only other piece of evidence, an empty wallet.

"There is no ID" the officer said. "We have no idea who she is."

"Its obvious...she's a nurse." The detectice smugly pronounced.

"How can you tell?" The officer asked with a look of rookie wonder on his face :specs:


Her wallet is empty.

Her bladder is full.

Her shoes are worn thru.

Her hair is pulled out.

Her hands are freshly washed.

And her ass is chewed."

The officer was impressed and knew the detective was correct. :rolleyes:

=lol lmao that is too cute.:roll :roll :roll :roll


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Great joke, but I wish it had a different context.

A partially decomposed body found in a park today is being examined to see if it is a Sacramento, CA, nurse that vanished soon after her ER shift several weeks ago. So far, the results are inconclusive.

Story in the Sacramento Bee and local nursing news site. .:o :o :o

Specializes in correctional-CCHCP/detox nurse, DOULA-Birth Assist.

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But for you, I'll edit it:)


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Sorry to be a downer, I definetly got carried away. Too much passion in writing has always been my downfall.

Carry on with the giggles!


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Too true!:chuckle :D :chuckle :D

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