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I grew up on the east side of detroit at theedge of the grosse pointes.

I remember always seeing this guy and he was always dressed ina black cashmere coat with ashes from his pipe always all over it.

For years I would see him, never working, yet never without money.

Finally about 25 years later I see him in a restaurant as he makes his moves on a table of ladies.

The first question popped at his was, "What do you do," they asked.


"Oh," he says, "I'm a conceptual designer."

I sat thinking then realized heck, I can do that.

The ladies leave and I go up to him and ask one question.

"When you are designing these concepts where does the individual working person fit.

"Just a mass," he said." "It will always be there."

Now how can a nurse in supervision look at her or his peers and have those thoughts dancing in there mind?


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