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I have few questions. You see I am a recent graduate and have no experience yet. We are thinking of applying in Australia.

1.Does Australia require you to have 2 year experience for you to be accepted? because I keep on seeing "Certification from previous employer" or "Working experience"

2. Does Australia gives and require you to take Board Examination if you want to apply there?

3. Can I go there directly without any agency that I have to pass through?

Thank you very much.

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I got my RN @the University of Sydney and spent several years nursing there. As far I know there is not a NCLEX equivalent in Australia. To immigrant there you would need an employer to sponsor you and without experience, that would be almost impossible. There is a recession in Australia as well.

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You will not be accepted without experience I am afraid.

Us Aussie RNs are finding it hard to get permanent jobs, though there can be lots of casual work around depending on what state you live in.

I don't think there is a nursing board exam either. Contact the nurses board for Australia and ask them

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