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I have been looking over the ANIA / AMIA websites and I have found any way to get certified in Informatics. All I have been able to find is post BSN certificates or master programs. Are these the only ways to get certified, take one of these courses then go take the certification examination? If anyone knows of a program that is specifically geared to certification in informatics please let me know. Yes I do know about the intro to informatics program. Thanks in advance.

Walter Harris RN

Specializes in Informatics, Education, and Oncology.

There are a number of colleges that provide certificate programs in NI -Duke, Excelsior, U of Maryland, etc. Some are post graduate certificates some are post BSN. You do not have to take one of the above certifcation courses to sit for the ANA/ANCC exam.

If you are talking about national certification from ANA (American Nurses Association)/ANCC check out their website for prerequisits.

As for as courses/seminars that prepare you to sit for the ANA/ANCC certification exam check out WINI (Weekend Immersion in Nursing Informatics) by doing an Internet search.

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