BN and BScn, any difference?


Hello! I am starting my nursing school in this coming September (HOOOORAY!), and I just have a quick question. I am pretty sure this topic is one of the popular topics to be discussed all the time. (:

After my nursing school, I will receive BN-Bachelor of Nursing, unlike many others who is getting BScN. I had a concern before I applied to this school since the degree that I am getting is BN, not BScN. So I had some researches and found out that there is no a big difference between BN - BScN. According to the information that I found, BN is equally treated with BScN. So I was relieved and decided to apply to this school! (and I GOT IN!)

Today, I looked some job information and what their requirement is and surprisingly, lots of them preferred "BScN." - that's what they said! Well, I know the fact that I will eventually get a job as a nurse with my BN degree, but I just want to know what is going on there.

Any explanation/sharing of your experience/thought about this situation will be appreciated. :) I was so confused and frustrated when I saw a phrase "BScN preffered". :'(

Thank you, and have a nice day!

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They are the same thing. If they state BSN preferred they are making the distinction between younger RNs with the now mandatory BSN and older RNs with the 2 year RN that used to be available.


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Oh, that makes much more sense. Thank you so much!