BMCC Students Who have Taken A&P II, who did you take/Recommend?


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Brethren of the scrubs,

Like many of you here in the forums, I have found myself in that moment in time where I have to chose my A&P II professor at BMCC for the summer session. Yet, I have no clue as to which professor might be best. As it is, the summer session has very few options available, but here are the professors that they offer:

Prof. R. Parks

Prof. E. Schnebel

Prof. R. Hendricks

If any of you have taken one of them before and wouldn't mind recommending them, please reply, Im trying to find out which one of the three will be worth spending an entire summer session with...

Thanks You All,


P.S. I did look them up in, but 2 of them where not there and one of them only received a numerical evaluation and not enough to based a decision on.


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when i took a&p1-2 i didn't have any of these professor above. however i had heard of Prof. E. Schnebel whom my friends had. i'm been told that he's tough but you can learn from him. taking a&p1 is tough already. sorry that i can't help out with you much. are there more choices???

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