BMCC NURSING Fall 2015 ~ Acceptance + Next Steps

by SantePourTous (New) New

Good news and annoying news!

I got the call today! I will be picking up my packet tomorrow morning.

Now the annoying part:

Mandatory orientation is scheduled for Thursday, July 9th.

Problem is that I will be overseas that week. :(

[yes I want to cry]

Mr.S mentioned that I would need to assign a proxy, in writing, to attend in my place. This is not ideal, considering that my only option is a family member.

Have any of you been accepted?

I will be attending the evening/weekend program.

Perhaps I can connect with any of my future classmates through private message?

[i'm not sure if I've written up enough posts to do that yet].

I'm hoping I can get the notes from the orientation, since my relative may not be the best note-taker.




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OK, getting a bit ahead of myself…

Once I review the packet, I'll be able to provide more details.



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I'm so happy for you, Sandy. Do you know what time you'll pick up your packet on Monday? Maybe we can talk then to see if I can help you around orientation.


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Actually, I'm picking up the packet Thursday morning [tomorrow]:

not sure if the pick-up times are different for Day and Evening students.

I want to take advantage of getting all the info I need before too much time passes.

I'll keep you posted; I may need to make another trip to BMCC next week. What time on Monday were you planning?

If I don't get booked for a gig that day, I can make it in early.

I will gladly accept as much help as I can get!

Thank you!


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I'll be there at 10a on Monday.


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I hope I'm not to late in confirming — since I need to be in the area, I can be there at 10am on Monday.

I can only stick around until 10:20 before I run off to another appointment.

Hope to see you there!


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Hello future Nurses:)

Im very confused with the whole calculating of the 4 prerequisites. can some one explain to me in a very detailed manner how it actually works? I'm transferring over but every time I call the nursing department they seemed bothered to answered an questions. The are just rude and not helpful. The lady I spoke to told me the the GPA is based on Everything I have taken and that its an overall GPA that they look at (every class). Now after reading all these forums I understood that the GPA is calculated by only the 4 prerequisite classes. so really what is it??? my understanding from reviews students have shared is that if I get As on all 4 prerequisites that my GPA is a 4.0. is this correct? Now what the lady in the nursing department gave me to understand is that it is not this way. My GPA is going to be calculated from every class i've taken. Is she right or are the students right? PLEASE HELP !