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Blount County Memorial Hospital

I am planning to move to Sevierville, does anybody know what the working conditions(like nurse/patient ratios) are, and the the pay rates are for the surrounding hospitals?(Blount count memorial hospital[maryville], Baptist hospital[knoxville], and any others you know of? thanks

Hi there! I have lived in East TN for twelve years and can say that this region is unique. The area is the lowest paying for RN's in the country but don't let that stop you. As a nurse in TN you will be loved, respected and treated well by the community. Sevierville is getting renovated but currently is known by the locals as the place you go to die. Blount Mem. is better, a lovely facility newly added onto. Also, in Blount County you are on the peaceful side of the Smoky Mtns. which are wonderful. You also do not have the tourist traffic that clogs up Sevierville in Blount Co. Blount has good schools, known as the best in the area for public schools, if this matter. Hope this helps!

LPMRN specializes in Oncology/med surg, Occupational Health.

Hey I luvsouthbeach,

I was an LPN at Blount Mem Hosp. in 2005. I worked night shift on the 5th floor, oncology/med-surg. It was a very busy floor, ratio of 1:13 at the busiest. My fellow nurses and CNA's were great, the pay and benefits were ok. I think that Covenant health has a hospital in Sevier Co. You might want to check it out also.

Good Luck

I live in Blount County and did most of my clinicals at Blount Memorial. I presently work at Ft. Sanders Regional in Knoxville. Whether you like it there will depend on if you prefer small or large hospitals. If you want to PM me, I'll answer any questions you might have.

Here's the link to Ft. Sanders Sevier and Covenant Health. I bet it ends up being a nice hospital. Dolly Parton, who's from Sevierville, recently did a benefit concert for the hospital.


Hi RN0072b, i tried to pm you but when i put my mouse over your name, view profile would not pop up...i was wondering about the specifics at fort sanders..like startin pay for new grads and patient/nurse ratio and benefits. pm me if you like, thanks,kim.

I tried and my name seems to be working okay. Want to try again? I think you have to be logged in. I'll be happy to tell you what I know.

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