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Blood in syringe after injection

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I work in a General Practice and I gave a 6 week old his immunisation.

He moved just as I gave his Prevenar. I aspirated and nothing came so I injected IM. When I took it out I noticed blood in the syringe and he was bleeding a bit at the site.I applied pressure and had a little freak out. Baby took to mums milk and thought nothing more of it...but did I inject into a vein?!?!

My doctor that I work for wasn't very helpful in clearing up any anxieties I had.

You will give thousands of injections in your nursing career and just use the correct landmarks. You have to trust the process. Certainly it is possible that an injection goes in to the wrong place at some point, but don't fret over it. It is generally not the type of procedure that has a lot of risk for harm involved.

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Sharp object +puncturing skin = sometimes you get blood.


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