Blood Intolerance


I am a current BSN student. Classes are going really well and I love being in the hospital for clinicals. The problem is that I seem to have an intolerance for blood and I'm starting to get worried. In lab we pricked each others fingers and I almost blacked out. Since then I've done many blood sugar tests on other people and I don't have a problem with it anymore but today I started an IV, the nurse drew blood out of the IV, and then I had to leave the room. I really love everything about nursing so far but I'm starting to worry that this could prevent me from continuing if it doesn't get better. Has anyone else experienced this or have any tips about how to overcome it?

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You overcome it by repeated exposure. I know many, many nurses who had a problem at one time- but all of them have overcome it. You will, too. There is so much more to nursing then blood!