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:confused: Has anyone ever used the blister packed medications?

The camp that I have been working for wants to try this method. My theory is why change something that already works.

But I am willing to try something new but I'm not familiar with this.

Your input will be greatly appreciated.

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I ahve not used them in Camp Nursing but in the limited LTC I have done. I LOVE them. The packs are easier to store and easier to go through and tally up.

Anyone else have success / problems with this?

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I use them, too in LTC. They are great. Tidy and organized. The only problem, is sometimes the racks get too big and get caught in the med cart.


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:cool: Thank you so very much for your replies. Now can I bother you with - How does this system work?

What I'm use to is that when the parents drop the campers off at the drop off point, they check the meds in at that time. Still in it's original bottle etc.

Then the long process of packaging them starts once we get back to camp.

Individual envelopes are done for each meal etc. with the campers name, time and cabin name.

With the blister pack, is that the same process also but already packaged for us?

Sorry - I'm so dense about this but your input is greatly appreciated.

nightingale, RN

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Originally posted by moochee

:cool: With the blister pack, is that the same process also but already packaged for us?

I have only seen the blister packs (which pop out easily through the back) pre packaged at the Pharmacy. Wit hall the campers coming from different directions and meds coming from various Pharmacies, I am not sure how they intend to have them all ready in the same packaging. Let us know how it turns out and good luck to you! Have fun with those kiddos!

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It's called Medication on TIme (MOT), we use it at our camp and it's a lifesaver. The first year was difficult because the parents were SO non complient and sent meds in bottles and we had to send them back. Basicly you find a pharmacy that uses the system- it is a whole seperate system- and the RX's get sent to the pharmacy and packed into packages for morning, noon, night, hs and prn. Each individual pack has their name, the meds name and time. You just pop it out and that's it. It makes it great for trips- my camp has 400+ boys and there are TONS of meds and they are always going on trips. If you want to know more let me know- there is a lot to tell about it- the pro's and cons. I wouldn't do without it now. It makes med passing much safer and quicker.


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:D Thank you so much ER Tigger. I have a meeting with the Director of the camp at the end of this month.

It might be worth the try, at least for the first session of camp,

I do appreciate any input you can give me.

Again, thank you for your response.

VJ Gibbins

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I have used Blister Paks at my camp for several summers now. WE LOVE IT! With over 200 am meds, re packing meds into envelopes every night was a daunting task. We purchased the blister paks from a company called Jays Company out of Minnesota. They come with the cardboard piece with holes in it and the blister part. You can pack your own as the meds arrive. You have to be cautious though as re-packing meds into another container is considered "dispensing" something that most states consider to be pharmacist or physician only territory. But we all do it anyway don't we? whether it is a coin envelope or a blister pak, it is the same thing. So we hire a local pharmacist to come in and help us do it one day. Then he signs off on it and we are not dispensing. I will gladly share my resources with anyone. email me at [email protected].

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Safety was the biggest reason we went to this system. When campers would come out with an m&m tray of medications and say they get these at this time etc, you really didn't know what you were giving. Time and organization were the second reason. Overall a huge benefit to our organization. One thing I learned from experience is have the familes pack an extra day or two incase the meds hit the floor and disappeared into the nether world.

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