Blessed are the Caregivers

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I found this researching neuro resources and thought it so wonderful I wanted to share it. Although it describes any caregiver I think it is particularly apt for those who work in Neuro.


Blessed are the caregivers who refuse to compare their responsibilities with others.

Blessed are the caregivers who have learned to laugh,

for it is the their only chance for sanity.

Blessed are those caregivers who accept the disabilities of their charges,

letting each person develop at their own speed.

Blessed are the caregivers who can redirect negative behaviour, without anger.

Blessed are the caregivers who involve their charges in the world around them,

for it develops the whole person.

Blessed are the caregivers who are teachable, for understanding brings love.

Blessed are the caregivers who love their task, for love is the greatest gift they give.

Blessed are the caregivers, for all the blessings they bestow upon their world.

Yes !!!



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That's lovely Gwenith, thank you for sharing. I think I'll print it off and take it to work tonight.

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