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What does the blended rate mean in a travel assignment???



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It's a dollar figure that a recruiter will give you to try to impress you, thinking you'll be making this fantastic wage. It is your hourly rate PLUS housing, insurance, car etc or anything else they want to include. It is very confusing. Bottom line to ask the recruiter is, "what is my hourly rate without all the extras?" Some try hard to dodge that question. For example, when they say $46/hour blended rate, your actual hourly rate may end up being only in the 20's. Be careful.


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If you are in CA it could mean what you would make overall for a 12 hr shift. Meaning you would make $$.00 for 8 hours and then time and 1/2 for the last 4 hours. It will blend to a rate. Also called a composite rate. I hate them. Its the worse thing about CA. If you work 8 and get sent home, you don't get the blened rate. you only get the 8 hour rate. i.e. 24 hour regular rate....36.00 for time and 1/2....8 of the first...4 for of the second....mulitple it out....divide by 12, gives you an hour rate of 28.00. If you get sick and go home, same thing...only 24.00 hr for 8 hours. Also, in CA some contracts state you have to work 40 hours of REGULAR base time before you get time and 1/2. That means you would have to work. 5 --12 hour shifts of the blended rate, before the 6th day would be all time and 1/2. not many people want to work 72/hrs a week BEFORE even beginning time and 1/2 rate for extra shift.

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Well Michelle That stinks!!:madface: I don't blame you for not liking the blended rate!! It was explained to me by the recruiter that I would be making X amount of dollars an hour that is the blended rate--including the tax advantage program. And the blended rate included the time and half so she stated the hourly rate that is given --a equation is done to figure out what the hourly rate would be. It is a bit confusing to me.

The more i research traveling nursing it's as if you have to be extremely cautious what you get into--ya know???:uhoh3:

Some days I am not sure if I want to do this...........


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Travel nursing comes with a lot of loopholes, jargon, and eager companies wanting big profit...but it can also be rewarding for the traveler. I get tired of negociating, and feeling like I have to read between the lines, but I find it so much more rewarding then hasseling. If this blended rate isn't for CA, find another company. As far as I know CA is the only one with the blended rates because they have to pay time and 1/2 after 8. That is why the significantly cut down the base pay. If the assignment is in CA you will find the blended rate with all the companies (as far as I know). Does anyone know of a company that will do a contract with just one hourly rate? Overall If you feel the company you are talking to isn't answering your questions honestly then talk to other companies. Just ask questions, you learn so much with each assignment. My first assignment I slept on a bed hard as concrete (had to buy 200.00 worth of padding) and brought my TV 1900 miles away, because I didn't know I could say I need a soft bed and tv before I do this assignment. Good luck


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CDNORRN is completely wrong and Chica Bella has a perfect definition for you : )


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Woops. I mean Michellex is exactly right.

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