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Birth and pp doula in LA thinking about becoming a L and D nurse, feedback please!

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I'm a mama of a 7 and 11 year old and I mostly work nights as a pospartum doula. I'm looking for more job security, benefits, and the option to not work at night anymore so I'm seriously considering going to nursing school. My husband is also an independent contractor so we have no benefits or real security. My questions are......

Is it hard to get a good job in LA as an L and D nurse?

Is it possible to not work nights eventually?

Since I am a birth junkie and I love helping moms and new babies this could be a great job for me right?

Is it hard working in a hospital when your a natural birth advocate?

Is it hard going through nursing school with kids? How about working at the same time?

How is Santa Monica college? Impossible to get into?

Thank you so much for your feedback! I feel like a I'm trying to figure out what to do when I grow up, all over again ;-)

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A lot of these questions would be better answered in the California nursing/nursing school forums.